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Alan Fines - Director

Roofing, Cladding & Facades – Perm / Contract – White Collar

Alan is the driving force behind Just Building Envelopes. He has been recruiting in the building envelopes sector for over seven years. He founded the Just Building Envelopes Brand in 2011.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

This is simple for me to answer. I believe it is my knowledge of the building envelope marketplace that makes me stand out.  I am always striving to improve that knowledge. I have a genuine passion for the industry, I don’t just work in the building envelopes industry I feel part of it.

Get to Know Me

Hobbies: Cooking, golf and reading
Football Team: Blackburn Rovers & Lincoln City
Favourite Movie: Casino Royale & Goldfinger
Favourite Actor: Daniel Craig & Sean Connery
Favourite Book: Casino Royale (Ian Fleming) & The Beach (Alex Garland)
Favourite Music: Classical
Favourite Car: Aston Martin DB5 / Jaguar XK140
Favourite Food: Modern British and Classical French
Favourite Drink:  Single Malt Scotch,
Champagne & French Wine
Greatest Achievement: Being a founding partner of the Just Group

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Josh Read - Senior Consultant

Roofing, Cladding & Facades – Perm / Contract – White Collar

Josh has just finished his second year in recruitment with outstanding results. With his dedication and passion for the industry Josh has studied both in and out of work in order to expand his knowledge of the building envelopes sector. Josh’s mantra is a simple one, to be able to give the best possible service he can.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Josh cares about finding the right candidate and not just on paper, but at a personal level also. Working both proactively and reactively around the clock to ensure both parties are comfortable and happy throughout the process.

Get to Know Me

Hobbies: Football, Gym
Football Team: Manchester United
Favourite Movie: Scarface
Favourite Actor: Denzel Washington
Favourite Sportsperson: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Favourite Book: The Fight, by Norman Mailer
Favourite Music: RnB, Rap, House
Favourite Car: Ferrari la Ferrari
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite Drink: Old Fashioned
Greatest Achievement: Yet to happen

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Ellis Morris - Consultant

Facades Perm / Contract – White Collar

Ellis is a young, hungry and driven recruiter with over two years of experience. He was recently brought into the Building Envelopes team after showing great dedication and success in the Building Services sector and is now bringing his dynamic & fresh approach to the facades industry.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

For me it is all in the approach I take to recruitment, rather than wanting to be your run-of-the-mill recruiter, I strive to achieve where other recruiters fail. In adding that level of respect to both candidate and client alike creating stronger relationships and creating employee-employer matchups that last.

Get to Know Me

Hobbies: Gym, Football, Rugby & Music
Football Team: The Mighty Gunners
Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman
Favourite Actor: Emma Stone
Favourite Sportsperson: Thierry Henry
Favourite Book: The Guv’nor
Favourite Music: R&B
Favourite Car: Currently impressed with the Tesla S but the Porsche 911 will always be timeless
Favourite Food: Buddy’s Breakfast Wrap
Favourite Drink: Strawberry Ribena
Greatest Achievement: Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Business

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Joshua Skuse - Consultant

Roofing, Perm / Contract – White Collar

Josh is a dedicated specialist consultant solely focusing in the roofing industry. He has real desire and enthusiasm for roofing and drives for success in the market.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

I believe my knowledge in roofing and my professionalism are what make me stand out. I have huge amounts of passion for helping others find their dream role. I am always striving to improve my skill set to make the experience for the candidate or client as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Making sure Just Group are number one in client & candidate satisfaction.  

Hobbies: Football, gym and painting
Football Team: Arsenal
Favourite Movie: The Patriot
Favourite Actor: Seth Rogan & James Franco
Favourite Book: All the Light We Cannot See (Anthony Doerr)
Favourite Music: R&B / Hip-Hop
Favourite Car: Aston Martin DB11
Favourite Food: Modern British and Itailian
Favourite Drink:  JD, apple juice
Greatest Achievement: Living in New Zealand

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